Baskania Fine Jewellery & Precision Watches

Specialism Jewelry
City Antwerpen (B)
Address Lange Herentalsestraat 74 | 2018
Country Belgium
Phone Number +32 3 2337070
The jewelery workshop is located in the beating heart of the diamond city of Antwerp. Here one creates with passion, inventiveness and above all love for the profession.
Over the years, the emphasis on finesse and quirky details has created a life's work, each with some creations and collectors timepieces that are still contemporary and so unique that they also become heirlooms for future generations.

A BASKANIA jewel stands for timeless class, no striking name recognition but the highest quality, and it gives your personality just that look ... Ce petit plus ...
The individualistic approach and personal guidance distinguishes BASKANIA, a visit is pure indulgence!